Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lyfe Stile vampire shit

I do a lot of things in this little life i was given, keeping up with the internet is not really one of them no matter how hard i try. I started my Epic adventure a while ago over at odysseia3000.com but i noticet the traffic coming in and no real feedback , as in people visit look at it or whatever but they keep it to them selves for what ever reason. Anyway so i stoped because it kinda rubbed me the wrong way and anyone that knows me knows that i take some stuff really personal. In any case the adventure continues just not every week yet, i have other business i've neglected for some time. Sometime in 2008 i started my one man band that later became , 4 one man bands. Since then i've made over 300 complete tracks in various gendres . It is time to start tying those loose ends, just for my own declining sanity status.
Hermit crab over and out, c u ltr bub.


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