Saturday, July 04, 2015

Human Turds

I wonder how work for hire drone artists feel when they work all those awful lookin hero titles. The ones that are content in being just a cog in the machine. The ones that lack soul but have an excess of money. Are they like kids with the parents out, free to masturbate and speak in baby tongues? Turds that give birth to turds. Are they happy because they are stupid? Fulfilling the very essence of the despised nerd? Did todd mcfarlane and his brood took out the fun of creating content? Are we still ruled by the decadent ghost of "funnybooks" ? Is there room for one step forward or whiny indie shit is as best as it gets? There is no cause anymore, just a race of who is cool. Room for the gerard ways of the world to woo the desperate masses that they are cool enough that someone "famous" is lookin at them , giving them value in a shitty world of story telling that should expel opportunists that lower the bar page by page line by line. Self entitled cunts that devour uncontrollably every ounce that suggests a step forward. Useless people on pedestals and even more useless masses feeding the pigs for a place in the pigsty . Fuck you, fuck your circle jerk and your human centipede . You are the filth , just the filth. No fury no soul. Nothing, a black asshole that nothing can ever escape. You live to take , money, ego boosts and big fat steamy turds that you share with your breed. You put roman orgies to shame. You are nothing and yet, ironically, you are everything. Fuck you.
Vasilis Lolos 2015

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