Thursday, July 09, 2015

My plan for that PIXU book

Initially after "5" they wanted to do another, so i sugested the idea of a haunted house and separate attendants that each has a story and intelock.
What I got was putting my mother to the ground, i had to work on that while makinghospital arrangements and then, funeral arrangements. So i wanted out. After a lot of pressure from the rest (should have let me be manss, i'd hate u less now..) The whole book hijacked and named PIXU. This is my initial cover drawing. The company was "meh" everybody wanted their finger on it soooo
 i suggested this. "do the classic VHS thing, house and a looming presence" .
It didnt turn out as well as i wanted, the whole thing, my art is ass, because i was guild tripped into doing something i wanted no part and, i kinda regret it. It was a cool idea , wrong timing, dare I say wrong team. Well, every story need a final nail in the coffin RIGHT?

in the words of Immortan Joe "Medioclre"

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