Thursday, November 05, 2015

Hello old friend.

I deleted every single email from my gmail, 2000 undead messages was too much.  All I saved was this photo of my deceased best friend Dimitris send me when I was in the US and he had to go to the Greek army.
My last Last Call books were about us in way. He was killed in a car accident after before vol 2 was out . Driven off the road by some hit and run asshole that lives without propably knowing what he caused. The silent streets of hicksville Korinthos. The raceway of mongols.
Anyway, here's to you Mitso. Miss ya brother. You will get your book.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Due to new turn of events my Cyberpunk saga Electronomicon will not be published by ONI press. That leaves me with 3 volumes of fatass books. Electronomicon volume one is 120+ pages , colored and set. Volume 2 and volume 3 are also around that page count. So in total we are looking on a finished big ass saga of 400 pages. Even more? I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so.

Same goes for my Last Call books Volume one and two published, volume three-unpublished. As of now I am the owner of these books regarding the printing rights.

Where does that leave me? In an interesting place. But let's focus on the Electronomicon saga.

Like I stated before I feel spend pitching to companies, thus another route is in order. ( unless someone steps up and wants to publish this behemoth is my calling card...)
My old friend self publishing rings my bell. Now, I will take this chance and add MORE chapters to the book to make it trully the out-of-this-world experience I initially aimed for.
The first thing I was suggested to was Kickstarter, it IS print on demand after all. I need to focus and come up with the best plan, you don't go unarmed into battle.
This is the type of book that one company can't handle unless they are really in for the ride and it is not a book that you put out and "see what happens " because of the nature of the art and the style of storytelling. Like I said before it is a "Prometheus" type of story telling, and when I hear people say
"I don't understand what was the story " I would not recommend my story for you. Although I see it as plain and simple , I understand that a basic comic book reader might scratch his/her head. This is not a diss but the truth. We can't all like the same stuff.
It's a poem. A sequential art poem contemplating the meaning of life in a time in the future but plausible and real.

In any case, I already started a new chapter and somehow the fact that I was "sacked" turned my depression to determination. Thus , creation.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I got 99 problems but comics ain't one

I think I am through with this pursuit of happiness thing through comics. It is obvious that I work too hard for people in high offices to let me do my thing. Most editors like what I have to say, but they don't have the leverage to get things off the air. I have about 5 fat books done already. Electronomicon #1 #2 #3 , Last Call #3  and misc stuff to fill 2-3 tomes. For example, I was asked by Scott Allie in late 2011? to do a comic about Greece's situation. Did one , was too edgy , so I did another. Thank lord I got paid but it hasn't been published since jan 2012. I don't think it will. The comic's story is also a true thing that happened. If you can't handle the truth don't ask me to do a "real" comic?
ANYWAY i will not quit comics, BUT i will quit pursuing people to print them. If someone comes to me I will GLADLY do so. GLADLY. But this whole deal is too much for me. I can happily fuck off , working whenever on my "Generator" book ,that I already have 200 pages of, work on my bands, work on selling vintage stuff and making 5 times the amount I make on "normal" comics. Release myself from this stress. and focus on art as an artist. 
Over and out.
if you want to see Generator go to

Friday, October 09, 2015

LAST CALL VOLUME 3 coming to a close

I started Last Call in 2005, that's TEN years to the day. The very days I am finishing up the last pages of the last book. It has been one HELL of a strange ride. From winning a Harvey Award for my work on it. From being my "legit first in the US market" to having the book optioned by Universal for a live-action movie , to hear names like Steven Spielberg to Zemekis to JJ Abrahaams ,Ron Howard, to going to hiatus, to rolling back in the game , Universal optioned the book 4 times to this day.
To working under a lot of stress, to going OFF the deep end due to the human factor, to quitting comics for a couple of years , to working on Volume 3 and doing 80 pages in 10 days...
And it's also coming to an and , my coming of age story about two best friends on a ghost train. My "Stand by me" heartfelt action comedy.
It's strange. From working on it on my beat up table resting on my legs on my bed in an apartment in Athens living with my mother, to working on the book in my NY apartment living in the US to working on it again on my desk in another Athens apartment with my wife and 3 dogs.
With Electronomicon and now Last Call, I feel a huge gap, a time warp closing and that it's 2005 again.
It's TEN whole years, if you were 8 years old now you are an adult. It feels like 3 different lifetimes away.
I can't help but feel like that I wasted my life, at least a decade trying to configure myself. From 24 to 34 it's a long way and I'll be 35 in January.
I can't really complain , it's all that stuff that put me where I am right now. It's a weird place but...

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Started in 2008. It was a very strange ride. The book is not your conventional type comic book. If you are expecting 20 panel grids, this not it. It's something else. I have no idea how you guys and gals will receive it but I hope it connects with some of you. It was a hard book. Not because of anything regarding the actual book.
It has to do with the stuff I went through these last 7 years. That's a lot of time but I did not give up.
Some stories ended up taking their own way and becoming other books that I am working on.
Good news is that if everything goes well. Electronomicon 2 is ready to print. (see? I was a busy bee)

I don't know what to say about it. Whenever I do a book of mine there's "me" in the character. That can be hard because ... well life's hard. What can you do, live it or end it.
Truthfully I am pretty depressed about finishing the book. I think I should be happy but it's strange. I feel like I killed a part of me. Sounds weird now that I read this last sentence but it's true.
NOT a happy camper.
Oh jeez, I dunno. I should be happy. I have an actual OST scheduled to release on tape (yes tape, it ties in with the book and it's cheap and cooler than an mp3, deal with it).
Right now my itunes shuffle plays the corniest 80's sad ballads. NOT helping Apple.

I think I feel this way because I feel like i wasted 7 years. Usually I do 10 pages a day if it's something of mine that I like. And dragging this for so long. Well it obviously has to do with the nature of the story and the fact that subconsiously I did NOT want to deal with it. If you are on my facebook you know that I type/talk a lot. I choose to be somewhat silent on the "public" internet stuff. mainly because I have an open dialogue canal with people on facebook and mail.

(I wrote some extra stuff on this entry but my laptop went poof and lost it)

Anyway, I don't know if I am a "comic-book-artist" I thought I was, when I was in my early teens I used to read Wizard and I never thought that I would be part of the "American scene" all I did was skateboard and read my friend's Alexis comics coz i was too poor to get my own (that's why i still have EVERY single Wizard mag from the time that Batman/Spawn was a thing)

SO , the book is done and I am going to type some stuff. I am also making small paragraphs so you can have an easier time reading this. This book is for dreamers, dreamers with depression... Hah.
I was ..."was?" I AM 80 pages into the last book of Last Call. I took a break to finish Electronomicon.
The book was ready but I needed to update some stuff and.. color. I colored chapter III with Julia Scott. Actually she colored it and then I went all OCD and redid the thing. I'm an idiot.
I used all over the book a LOT of the 80's VHS cover style, that took me into a direction where the pages are not "this is a panel, you read it!" It is very visual. The book is set in the year 2156 so there is room to put to paper all the futuristic stuff I kept under wraps. Bad news is that if you wait almost a decade to finish a book , some might not have the impact that they would in 2008. But on the flipside it won't look too weird because people are getting used to this kind of visuals.

Bla bla blaaaaa...

stuff and things.

over and out.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Alien mother fiend, lover murderer starchild . Cosmonaut. 

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