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I've been on a 1920s' 1930's spooky cartoon kick for a couple of months.

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Life update & My cover for the DARKENGINE Image book for Ryan Burton

Here's the deal lately , we rescued a newborn cat that was being torured by some guspy kids a few months ago, I don't know if you know anything about newborn kittens BUT you gotta feed it every 3 hours with a bottle and help it pee and poop. Once THAT was out of the woods and live and well we managed to find a home for it.
NOW right after that (and because we live in greece) someone threw 8 newborn puppies in the trash to die. We got 5 of them and some other woman got three. Mind you that we live in an apartment and that we already have 3 dogs of our own. So we came to a total of 8 dogs. Goodtimes.
We managed to nurse them back to health and find homes for 4 out of 5. So the last months have been more about scrubbing shit and less about drawing and making music. Bummer. But hey on the bright side 5 puppies made it out of death's door and they are alive and well.
The chemical lolmance stuff continues on and off (mostly "off" thank jebus) but you know like every fart no matter how smelly, it eventually dies out (even if I get some laughable threat letters in my mailbox)
Comics are stupid, and awesome. But mainly stupid because the mixture and a percentage of people making them need to spend more time on a psychiatrist couch other than a typewriter or a drawing board. You may hear people say "comics is therapy" no, therapy is therapy my dude. Comics and art and music and writing is "helpful". Also there is a trend going around where kids are in need of a love interest/messiah and i see a lot of people with their own god-complexes trying to be one. Artists, music people , youtubers. And it's all good and all but kinda culty and icky.
So yeah fuck it, fuck trying not to break the eggs as we walk.
PUNCH-KICK-FIGHT-BITE but don't forget to lick too.

Buy cheap original art here and help us help the stray homeless dogs in this hostile hot Athens period.
ALL $ will go to help out animals in need http://stores.ebay.com/andretros4all/Comics-/_i.html?_fsub=8262770013 there will be constant updated with art and pages from the Pirates of Coney Island and my My chemical romance fiasco art

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Electronomicon page with rough dialog

Don't ess with this bitch, she's better than u, faster than u ,, hotter than u, sleeker than u , a cunt, a saint , an idol , a Mmairy on a neon cross dying for your sins on tv, ressurects her self and takes u to oblivion with a light-saber strap-on. A real poser killer queen. DEAL WITH IT FAGGOT

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No Credit NO problem How i got burried for my Chemical romance work.

Almost nobody knows that in 2009 I was called to work on the My Chemical Romance project "killjoys" there was no title or anything yet. I ended up doing a lot of storyboard work, working out a pace and a story for a video off a track (that never actually happened) and mainly design things. 
What nobody knows is that among other stuff I came up with the design for the Laser Guns used in the video and everywhere else.
 I poured my everything in that work and around the end of 2009 if I remember correctly I got a call from Gerard elling me that the project is in infinite hold and that they fired Bob their drummer. (also the vid I was working on was pretty much STYLO from Gorillaz, so that might have played part too)

some of my designs, the bottom one was the one they went with.
and above, Gerard's drawings and product.

NOW, being that I was called to work on the project not by the company but from Gerard Way himself , and relying on the fact that we were in a friendly type basis , we had exchanged emails phone numbers and hanged out on multiple occasions , I took for granted that me and my ideas were "safe" .
Time passes with no word of the record/project/anything and in the summer of 2010 I get word from a friend that "my video was out" I was in China at that point, trekking mountains that no whitey has seen before and it took me some time to get around some internet and around that stupid Chinese "no google" wall thing. I saw the video with what it looked like my guns, and my costume designs. I was REALLY happy but kinda bummed that I had to find out that something so awesome that I helped create was out.
Note that in the developing stages I was assured that"my designs are awesome" and "people are going to see these" Hell , I thought due to the climate of me being at the studio in 09 that some sort of deluxe version will have my stuff printed in the booklet.
So I did what every artist would do, I googled my name to see what's up. What was up was no mention of me or anything. What I found out from interviews was that Gerard and Colleen Atwood did everything. According to an interview with Way , they went to a thrift store and made with what was available there.
And according to later interviews (easy to google) Way says he designed the guns too. It's all him he states. Great.
I was too sad to be upset. And when I became upset I was too furious to do anything. What are you supposed to do? Send this guy an email? Say what? The obvious? Tell the internet? I don't want to be on the receiving end of bully teenagers with too much time on their keyboards.
Who gives a fuck about the whiner right? These guys where making merch of my gun designs and I had to make a huge stink with some lawyer woman about at least getting paid for some of the shirts.

I signed some crappy paper, took 500 bucks for each of 3 shirts (note that the company printed more than 3 off my gun designs and there was a game of hide ans seek where some of the older shirts magically dropped off the website after my inquieries) and I shut the fuck up , boiling in my juices trying to be cool about it.
You have to understand that I worked my life and my ass off to get into the comics industry, so the last thing I wanted was to be "that guy".

But I AM that guy, and years after the fact I see my designs on youtube, in comics, and in random things I am still very VERY pissed off, about the fact that my designs were cool enough to be used, but too cool for me to take any credit.
One of my Jacket designs, as you can see every major cut and line was kept.
on the back you see the word "patch" as I suggested there should be a pill like Kaneda's jacket , or a goat head. (see gun handle)

Some of the color tests I did for my favorite design. As you can see yet again all the major elements were kept intact.Note the color scheme ans the sleeve cut. the high diagonal on the bicep and the long end of the sleeve among all the other elements, like the zipper that rides really high close to the elbow on the back of the sleeve.
Gerards' drawing and the finished product.
My initial sketch for Frank's outfit, my words were "think Yamagata from Akira a vest and some tights underneath"
Gerard's design and final product.

Some of my designs for the girl. My initial notes were "she has curly hair" That was it. Yet again all the main lines were kept intact, if you looka t the ski vest and the rainbow note.

Since this was supposed to be in the desert I had an idea of "desert breathing scarves" that also made it in the final product and were made into merch.
Pants and boots.

I remember showing Gerard my pages of my Hat's comic where a guy is walking in a city full of normal humans and he is wearing an oversized cat head as a space helmet like this one. I will find that page (2009 is a long time ago) and I will update.

How would you feel brother/brotherette? Does it feel good? Is it okay to pull shit like this? Is it "forgivable"? I got paid 1500 for all of my work seen here. So you know I did not do it for the money. In my head it was a cool project to mash up Akira with Tank Girl and Mad Max. And I wanted to be recognized for my awesomeness . I could have gone with no pay and just the credit, because this was something really cool looking that would get me some serious biz . I actually went a bought the record in hopes that I would get a "thanks" like when bands list 100 people for pretty much anything , I felt like I was being hidden away for some reason. 

Bottom line... WHY THE FUCK? The emotional stress of this thing over the last couple of years was way too much fuck this, and fuck everybody that thinks it's cool to pull shit like this.
Most of my designs are up on flickr for a long long time.

The complete storyboards are up there too along side a lot of designs and characters.

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This book is kiilin' me

This book is haunted with the ghosts of dead pages. I would be done with it but had to take off the main story . Why, that's a story for another book . It is getting hot here and my studio is set up in the only room with no AC. I have to stop working because my arm rub the inks the wrong way. 
This story (Electronomicon is more than one story) is about a brave soul that flies off to the deepest regions of the universe never to return.

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These things are on my desk. That right eye is a robo-freak eye, because CYBERPUNK! Jeez u guys...

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Hey internet, been quiet, I'm keeping up with my Electronomicon May 1st deadline. So far people that have seen the pages have some weird reaction to it, Which is a good thing, weird is good. Mainly they don't really get it out of context but I think I am doing something really forward here.
Anyway, here are some comformist-style pages haha.