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From the distant , exotic lowlife land of greece comes.. BATTLEGINI

As far as I can remember , one of my dreams was to make my own toys and figures.. Now we got the internet, people get together , one way or another" I met up with this guy Eric Nilla on a forum, Eric makes toys and figures, it opended up my eyes and showed me that this is doable, living back in athens greece even if it is the capital, art is something you have to strive for. there are no decent supplies anywhere, so (insert internet again) Eric guided me through the what-to-do if you ever want to make figures. So here i am now, teaming up with my toy mentor and thanks to him I have my first attempt to something awesome complete, i will unveil it soon and let me tell you , i hane NO intention stopping, i already have tons of figures in the making and all because this Nilla dude made a sweet skeletor muscle fig that blew my mind with its simplicity and its awesomeness that my friend is PUNK ROCK , simple and effective as punch in the teeth.
I GIVE YOU MY SERIES , BATTLEGINI , my homage to greek battle beasts and exogini . My first kid, frankensteined in athens greece and molded in california, 2 dudes getting together making art. That's the life my dude. This is a photo of the first one Eric molded of my timid first sculpt and a title card i am working on to hit up Designer Con.
Thankx again Nilla

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HEY IS MY ASS!In my wife's panties! WHOOO! Hahahaha
Yesterday I got banned from posting on then i reatched out to the woman in charge to ask why and saw that she was posting about me and tagging all the comic-book companies that I've worked for. I don't like to be bullied by her or any of the like minded people that started posting lies that I've been "abusive" (SUCH a buzzword.. so catchy.much effect.very empowering) All the stuff I've said is online, basically "Manara draws pussy, no news there. If you want to change things do it , just do it, if you cannot help others do it and spread your message" So yeah Asside.. (pun intended) all the internet slogans about objectifying women, here's my ass, as the spider-woman. Objectify this. I got no problem.
Spread it for meee ooooh yeah  lorl. I tried to give both face and ass but I am not how i use to.. I am 33 now and stiff. SO here's a

Manara Butt pic!

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I've been on a 1920s' 1930's spooky cartoon kick for a couple of months.