Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lyfe Stile vampire shit

I do a lot of things in this little life i was given, keeping up with the internet is not really one of them no matter how hard i try. I started my Epic adventure a while ago over at odysseia3000.com but i noticet the traffic coming in and no real feedback , as in people visit look at it or whatever but they keep it to them selves for what ever reason. Anyway so i stoped because it kinda rubbed me the wrong way and anyone that knows me knows that i take some stuff really personal. In any case the adventure continues just not every week yet, i have other business i've neglected for some time. Sometime in 2008 i started my one man band that later became , 4 one man bands. Since then i've made over 300 complete tracks in various gendres . It is time to start tying those loose ends, just for my own declining sanity status.
Hermit crab over and out, c u ltr bub.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunday, February 08, 2015


So, my book will be done pretty soon, I made an experiment and bult it on sigils and "sacret geometry" incantation stuff. NOW I know how this shounds but it is an experiment. Think of it as Kubrick took a bunch of legit sigils (I'm a Mulder AND a Scully, i believe and then doubt everything" .
Anyway I took Mushashi's word and took war to comics, ... SEQUENTIAL ART'S door step.
First rule of war, take all the rules laid upon you for war and fuck em, piss on them. They don't matter who is this dictating dictator that says that this line has to be "this" way. Fuck you, anf your dogma lines too. You sir are a relic. I mean I am trying that's what it matters to me at least. Make something that it's magic and comunicate that energy to others like you so,they get it and , hey-buddy, you are not alone. WE are in this together, and if you want to create, whatever that creation is I'm right behind you, just be true, don't be a clown, a money with chain, a sad crowd pleaser just for the sake of it.
This future is not run bu cowards but more like paved upon the dead bodies of their lifeless creations.
I decited to be free. I decited to focus my vision in a spear and stab the dogma on its cross.
The books STILL makes sense , its IS a story, it HAS a beginning , a middle and an end. I am kinda nuts, not crazy you know.
I decited to open a dialogue with like minded people and create a ring that is based on knoledge, study and then complete discard of all that, But you have to obtain that shit to discard it, otherwise, ley low with the piles of "stylish art-school stereotypes"
"its not wonky! it my STYLE" Yeah , go "style" the fuck outta my face.
I started another experiment with ODYSSEIA3000.COM its coming well, the hits are high but nobody talks about it, fairly common if you are breaking some new ground , even if it is late 80s amiga pc "new"
I plan to star talking more on this blog. I have to much to say and life is short, so, make the best of it, create, art, friendships, relationshits, enemies, nything that makes you feel "you" . It's okay, Don't be shy about shit. Don;t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough, you can forge yourselft to be the best you can be. TRU story bro. We live in a Robocop dystopia where "Kim break the internet" is a real thing ,and people overanalise shitty anfd good art and stories and everything to the point that JUST like a junkie they just want to you yo be brought to their level. If you feel you are special, chances are that you ARE! At something, find it, work on it , dont be a coward and a pussy. Fight.
ART IS FREE! And it should be free! not in terms of $$ (hello, bills , food etc) but free to not waste any amount of potential you have being a dick or a pussy, if you are a dick, you might think that you can :fuck" all these pussies and step on them , but u are still a cock and a pair of dangly scrotum ballz.
There is room for everybody, think about that, everybody that has work ethic, a drive and the goal. Don't be bitter if you are not getting yours, you are monst likely doing something wrong (not being true to your self) or you are doing a half assed job.
I made my book based on crazy people tinfoil hat settings calculating the angles of the panels and making numerology maps based on the headshots i have and tried to create an almost perfec math book with a dash of satan, that will make you feel strange, this will not be for the faint of hard or the casual readers, i go with this knowing what it is, it is a strange book and you might see some serious shit just by having it around, I tried my best to make this an interactive experience on paper.
its a sequential art spellbook. I've seen some shit.
I may have some grammar/spelling errors on this post, but i really do not mind as long as you get my drift buddy.
feel free to email me with all sorts of weirs shit at steamrobo@gmail.com.
I will answer all, because
i care.