Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

This is how you deal with people that abuse women in the REAL world.

Last night 5-6 AM:
We just came back from downstairs where a guy beat to a bloody pulp his pregnant wife out on the street i took my bat and went for justice , me , @norzine_miao stopped it, the guy's response was"shes MY wife" he tried to flee in the building and i took a swing at him finding the wall .we got the guy but his wife did not look too good the ambulance took her away and he was arrested #streetjustice #baseballbat #abuse #crowbar i am also apparently strong as fuck when i rage.
 This is from my facebook last night. What I did not say is that the cops did not show up, so we had to go in the building, knock on his door and apprehend him. Maybe its a good thing i missed , maybe not. The guy broke his "wife's" nose and kept kicking her in her pregnant belly. When the cops came we actually had to scream at them to take him in be cause he said "it wasn't me, somebody else did it" the wife was unresponcive and crying because she did not want to lose her baby or get beaten more.
So yeah, maybe i missed him by an inch on purpose subconsiously , maybe i should NOT have missed. (always aim above shoulder height). I live across this guy, I am typing this and i can see the blood on the entrance of their building from outside my window.
So yeah, tell me again about Manara's ass.
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Billy Stardust and the Lulabies from Mars

I have the voice of an angel. I am really blessed.

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Not bad huh?