Thursday, November 05, 2015

Hello old friend.

I deleted every single email from my gmail, 2000 undead messages was too much.  All I saved was this photo of my deceased best friend Dimitris send me when I was in the US and he had to go to the Greek army.
My last Last Call books were about us in way. He was killed in a car accident after before vol 2 was out . Driven off the road by some hit and run asshole that lives without propably knowing what he caused. The silent streets of hicksville Korinthos. The raceway of mongols.
Anyway, here's to you Mitso. Miss ya brother. You will get your book.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Due to new turn of events my Cyberpunk saga Electronomicon will not be published by ONI press. That leaves me with 3 volumes of fatass books. Electronomicon volume one is 120+ pages , colored and set. Volume 2 and volume 3 are also around that page count. So in total we are looking on a finished big ass saga of 400 pages. Even more? I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so.

Same goes for my Last Call books Volume one and two published, volume three-unpublished. As of now I am the owner of these books regarding the printing rights.

Where does that leave me? In an interesting place. But let's focus on the Electronomicon saga.

Like I stated before I feel spend pitching to companies, thus another route is in order. ( unless someone steps up and wants to publish this behemoth is my calling card...)
My old friend self publishing rings my bell. Now, I will take this chance and add MORE chapters to the book to make it trully the out-of-this-world experience I initially aimed for.
The first thing I was suggested to was Kickstarter, it IS print on demand after all. I need to focus and come up with the best plan, you don't go unarmed into battle.
This is the type of book that one company can't handle unless they are really in for the ride and it is not a book that you put out and "see what happens " because of the nature of the art and the style of storytelling. Like I said before it is a "Prometheus" type of story telling, and when I hear people say
"I don't understand what was the story " I would not recommend my story for you. Although I see it as plain and simple , I understand that a basic comic book reader might scratch his/her head. This is not a diss but the truth. We can't all like the same stuff.
It's a poem. A sequential art poem contemplating the meaning of life in a time in the future but plausible and real.

In any case, I already started a new chapter and somehow the fact that I was "sacked" turned my depression to determination. Thus , creation.