Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CRAZY COMIX SHIT Batman Ghost Rider and that lvbl boz Spiderman

I started a post about comics just now but ended up weird. So I deleted that shit and now I am writing this. 
I have a shitload of things to do, none of them satisfying in any way (maybe in the long run?) and all I want to do is draw some fukken comix. 
Or just art in general, you can't have too much of one thing all the time, shit tends to go stale.
Good news is that I found a place that does mini comics for a surprisingly low amount of $ (compared to other places in Greece that is, don't get any crazy ideas it hurtz to selfpublish) So pretty soon I'll be setting up my store online and start to send the good word all around. 

Man. These days I feel like a 30yearold 20yearold. Which is not entirely a bad thing coz this time around I got some extra EXP points.

Also, today i tried on a new perfume, messes with my head every time i strike my thinkers pose. 2 much on the wrists.