Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013


The final stretch, I got this shit down,
after 150  discarded pages or so this is the last batch.
Been working on the last few months is the final one.
I draw some pretty mean manga. Looks legit.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Turbohead painting rework

I did another take on a illustration for a Greek Sci-Fi literature anthology. They should just give me Metroid the comic already. For real. These look like a Sega Mega Drive had babies with Robocop over the sounds of sleazy French electro. "I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Can't wait to start on a mech oriented book. Look at this guy. He's like a super famicom. White plastic. Mmmm.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Head over to Aint It Cool News to read my conversation with Adi Tandimedh about the play of 300 in the fucked up Greek society of the now. There is also this comic and new previw pages of my ELECTRONOMICON book.
I’ve joked for years that the movie is probably the most expensive gay porn movie ever made. Starz’ SPARTACUS series wouldn’t have been possibly without 300, and goes further with even more naked flesh and full frontal nudity. I’ve even been told by someone in Hollywood that its popularity is in part due to both a female and a gay following. Do they show SPARTACUS on Greek TV as well?
Porn, i don’t know about that …Where’s the cumshot? Where’s they payload? Although there was a very intense moment between Leonidas and Xerxes. I don’t know, I love it, coz i see it for what it is, a very epic funny picture about being epic, having a beard and oiled up abs. It’s just movie, entertainment. I don’t tattoo the 300 logo/shied/helmet on me and allow an idea to ruin my life. I got video game console collecting for that life-ruining scenario. Spartacus is not on Greek TV, or is it? I don’t watch any. It pisses me off. It’s all “you go outside you will be raped by a Pakistan gorilla and have demon seed babies eating your guts.” Lock the door. If I want someone to scream scary obscenities at me, I listen to more black metal.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

the Last Call Vol2

Last Call volume 2.
Man, been a long time. I finished the art sometime in January 2012. I did the art for the first one sometime around 2005, been a long time a lot have changed.
With the movie still running, I was talking with my wife Norzine the other day, how awesome it would be to turn the Last Call into a video game. It would be really cool. You got a whole train to explore where every cart and room is a different  stage (rooms are bigger inside, it's a interdimentional ghost train!) You can find and collect Doctor Voodoo's chewing gum where every mask has a different transformation/ability . Evade the Conductor and solve the mystery. 
If only... In any case I downloaded a program that makes video games.. who knows.

Any takers? haha.

Monday, February 04, 2013


Head over to Comic Book Resources to read an article where I talk about the Story of Electronomicon , Last Call and other art related stuff. It is pretty interesting trust me. There's art too.
"Do you think comics can change the world?
Yes, "Superman" and his heritage changed the world. Frank Miller's "300" did permanent damage to Greece. Did you know about that? It's a great comic book with great art, which I owned two copies of each issue -- one to read, one to keep. But "300" woke the insane Greek/white pride in the hearts of Greeks. I am talking about the movie, of course, because morons can barely read. I can surely say that "300" permanently changed our Greek modern society for the worse. There are so many Greek pride/"300"/Leonidas tattoos that if you get one there is a joke about it: At the beach it will be you and 300 Spartans."
I spend time thinking about how death will be in the future; will it be more exploited like in the Victorian times, and boom of séances and mysticism? Dial-a-dead? Holographic memories of loved ones gone? The more sci-fi notion of uploading a cemetery where you can visit anyone? In the "Electronomicon" world such things exist, you can literally visit Hades, it's like a huge game full of NPCs -- seems full, but it is desolate, sad and dead. Now if something boils and toils inside those machine coffins, it's another story.
My initial idea was of the earth as a black, unnatural, dead planet going through the motions of a headless chicken that runs around.