Friday, July 18, 2014

Life update & My cover for the DARKENGINE Image book for Ryan Burton

Here's the deal lately , we rescued a newborn cat that was being torured by some guspy kids a few months ago, I don't know if you know anything about newborn kittens BUT you gotta feed it every 3 hours with a bottle and help it pee and poop. Once THAT was out of the woods and live and well we managed to find a home for it.
NOW right after that (and because we live in greece) someone threw 8 newborn puppies in the trash to die. We got 5 of them and some other woman got three. Mind you that we live in an apartment and that we already have 3 dogs of our own. So we came to a total of 8 dogs. Goodtimes.
We managed to nurse them back to health and find homes for 4 out of 5. So the last months have been more about scrubbing shit and less about drawing and making music. Bummer. But hey on the bright side 5 puppies made it out of death's door and they are alive and well.
The chemical lolmance stuff continues on and off (mostly "off" thank jebus) but you know like every fart no matter how smelly, it eventually dies out (even if I get some laughable threat letters in my mailbox)
Comics are stupid, and awesome. But mainly stupid because the mixture and a percentage of people making them need to spend more time on a psychiatrist couch other than a typewriter or a drawing board. You may hear people say "comics is therapy" no, therapy is therapy my dude. Comics and art and music and writing is "helpful". Also there is a trend going around where kids are in need of a love interest/messiah and i see a lot of people with their own god-complexes trying to be one. Artists, music people , youtubers. And it's all good and all but kinda culty and icky.
So yeah fuck it, fuck trying not to break the eggs as we walk.
PUNCH-KICK-FIGHT-BITE but don't forget to lick too.

Buy cheap original art here and help us help the stray homeless dogs in this hostile hot Athens period.
ALL $ will go to help out animals in need there will be constant updated with art and pages from the Pirates of Coney Island and my My chemical romance fiasco art