Wednesday, August 20, 2014


HEY IS MY ASS!In my wife's panties! WHOOO! Hahahaha
Yesterday I got banned from posting on then i reatched out to the woman in charge to ask why and saw that she was posting about me and tagging all the comic-book companies that I've worked for. I don't like to be bullied by her or any of the like minded people that started posting lies that I've been "abusive" (SUCH a buzzword.. so catchy.much effect.very empowering) All the stuff I've said is online, basically "Manara draws pussy, no news there. If you want to change things do it , just do it, if you cannot help others do it and spread your message" So yeah Asside.. (pun intended) all the internet slogans about objectifying women, here's my ass, as the spider-woman. Objectify this. I got no problem.
Spread it for meee ooooh yeah  lorl. I tried to give both face and ass but I am not how i use to.. I am 33 now and stiff. SO here's a

Manara Butt pic!