Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Let's talk about DIY games

Most nerds that play videe games have a special game of their own in their head that it's the shit. I for instance have several in my head that trully are the shit. Now some actually go the distance and make their own games instead of thinking/talking/blabbing about them.
This game called January by Ritch Vreeland it's more of a mood type game and not a story type game (kinda like "indie" comics, zzing), you basically walk around catching snowflakes with your tongue. Each flake caught makes a different sound as he puts it: "January uses a set of predefined musical rules to make choices about what the next note (or notes) will be, while also giving the player the freedom to choose when notes will be played, and the ability to make distinctions between different types" Not bad and I really dig the simplicity of it. Here is the link to play it.

Now , on the other hand CANNABALT first off, the games' initial screen reads "best enjoyed with headphones on" which I guess is internets lingo for "smoke weed and *some sort of recreational action*"
This game rules, it was the first thing I got for my Ipod touchie. It's a sidescroller and all u have to do is jump and avoid shit to a sweet soundtrack. The perfect timewaster, you can play it on your computer for free on their website. The mouse/pad/trackball clicking is not as responsive and pressure sensitive as the ithis&thats touchscreen.
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  1. ¡Vasilis!

    Have you ever played Knytt? It's great:

    I'm very excited for Jonathan Blow's new game (he's the dude who did Braid).