Tuesday, February 05, 2013

the Last Call Vol2

Last Call volume 2.
Man, been a long time. I finished the art sometime in January 2012. I did the art for the first one sometime around 2005, been a long time a lot have changed.
With the movie still running, I was talking with my wife Norzine the other day, how awesome it would be to turn the Last Call into a video game. It would be really cool. You got a whole train to explore where every cart and room is a different  stage (rooms are bigger inside, it's a interdimentional ghost train!) You can find and collect Doctor Voodoo's chewing gum where every mask has a different transformation/ability . Evade the Conductor and solve the mystery. 
If only... In any case I downloaded a program that makes video games.. who knows.

Any takers? haha.

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  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    February 13th year 2013 AD. In the land which maps out the area of noble Grassmarket to the Street of Prince, I sought endlessly the fabled story- known as The Last Call Two. Pondering where to seek out the bound matter that contains sequential images, shops of all sorts were searched- high and low, back thru front- and none seemed to contain the precious article. I forged ahead- refusing to turn back in this journey I had undertaken; days past. Hope strained.

    Would have to seek elsewhere, outside of fair Dùn Èideann, for what I sought?

    When lo, on the horizon, a small shop whose description indicted it was a Planet, a Forbidden one, appeared before my eye and though I had tread these grounds I stepped through the golden arc once more; I still cannot say why I did so, it was as if being pulled by an unseen force. Down into the catacombs of the superhero section, through figurines, collectables and odd loose ill-fitting shirts I arrived to the small clustered of the section of bound matter marked “L”. A glance through the small fair, there seemed to be none in sight- I was struck hard in the depths of my heart. Hope had crumbled into ash. Pray- must I wait longer until I could hold it in my hands? There was no guarantee of its arrival in the time I was to reside on these shores ….

    My steps echoed, as I headed once more in defeat for the doorway; yet a man appeared, neigh, not a man- a saint, who beaconed me forward, uttering words of comfort in such dark dark times: “May I help you?”. Such words are often a crack of light in the chasm of despair. A Pause. “Yes.” I replied, and described the item sought.

    The clicking and clacking of keys pressed by his nimble fingers rang in my ears. He ceased in this action and he walked- he walked forth boldly to where I had long searched, with fierce determination he gripped and ripped the books from the section known as “L”. Seconds turned to hours- the tension and fear gripping all who were witnessing this moment.

    When what appeared- placed in a poised fashion, a book bearing a vibrant cover that beaconed to be picked up if not for its set apart placement. He holds it. He hands it to me- I craddled it, prayed and turn it over in my hands- it is glorious. I walk boldly alongside this Saint up to the desk containing cash- “I have waited for this moment for sometime” I state, in part to him, and in part to myself- to my past youth who had finished the final page of Book the First. “I know….I understand,” said the Saint, and to look into his eyes, you knew he did. For patience is a thing that cannot be taught- only experienced… yet it is often rarely used in these times, particularly in our age bannered as digital… but patience is known by all who read the medium of comics- it is the only way to survive in the game known as “waiting”.

    My heels clicked the pavement, and I sought refuge in the chair in a shop marked “Coffee”. And I looked at the cover- the colours, the lines, the dots, the words. And I smiled. And I opened it. And I read it. And I thank you.

    Thank you. Last Call 2 is magnificent.