Monday, February 11, 2013


Head over to Aint It Cool News to read my conversation with Adi Tandimedh about the play of 300 in the fucked up Greek society of the now. There is also this comic and new previw pages of my ELECTRONOMICON book.
I’ve joked for years that the movie is probably the most expensive gay porn movie ever made. Starz’ SPARTACUS series wouldn’t have been possibly without 300, and goes further with even more naked flesh and full frontal nudity. I’ve even been told by someone in Hollywood that its popularity is in part due to both a female and a gay following. Do they show SPARTACUS on Greek TV as well?
Porn, i don’t know about that …Where’s the cumshot? Where’s they payload? Although there was a very intense moment between Leonidas and Xerxes. I don’t know, I love it, coz i see it for what it is, a very epic funny picture about being epic, having a beard and oiled up abs. It’s just movie, entertainment. I don’t tattoo the 300 logo/shied/helmet on me and allow an idea to ruin my life. I got video game console collecting for that life-ruining scenario. Spartacus is not on Greek TV, or is it? I don’t watch any. It pisses me off. It’s all “you go outside you will be raped by a Pakistan gorilla and have demon seed babies eating your guts.” Lock the door. If I want someone to scream scary obscenities at me, I listen to more black metal.


  1. Hope this get less fckd up :/

    this comic is awesome imagery

    1. It will not get better, best case scenario it will be butter.

  2. I Love the spider coffin ! nice colors, Great work !